Spectrum New Beginnings

Spectrum New Beginnings has proven highly effective programs for each individual need. There are different protocols for trauma, addiction, tragic...

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Program Overview

MASTER YOUR MIND MASTER YOUR LIFE Spectrum New Beginnings has proven highly effective programs for each individual need. There are...

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Measured and Observed Outcomes

Lowers state and trait anxiety. Improves anger management skills. Reduces cravings for alcohol and other drugs and provides coping skills....

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1625 Springhill Ave Kettering, OH 45409 937-604-0113 or email dan@kspectrum.com

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Spectrum New Beginnings

Spectrum New Beginnings has proven highly effective programs for each individual need. There are different protocols for trauma, addiction, tragic loss, the incarcerated, teens, adolescents, gradeschool, kindergarten, OCD and ADHD. We offer both group classes and individual classes depending on the need. 


Mind Trainers

Spectrum New Beginnings offers free yoga, mindfulness meditation, subconscious thought rewiring, breathing techniques and gratitude to those in need.

Lindsey Thaler E-RYT 500, Lindsey Thaler studied at Leelaa Yoga and Sangha Yoga. Lindsey found yoga as therapy for all aspects of life’s issues. Lindsey now creates nature and mindfulness programs for schools and children. Lindsey has a passion for connecting people to nature for their own healing and the healing of the planet. Lindsey has organized several programs through Spectrum New Beginnings and brought together hundreds of kids to unite with their true selves and nature. Lindsey feels these days, more than ever, that children and adults alike need to connect more with nature, promoting mindfulness and inner peace.
Dan Loofboro E-RYT 500, “Yoga Dan” studied at Method Yoga, Real Human Performance, The Veterans Yoga Project and Mindful Yoga Therapy. Dan has several yoga for trauma certifications. Dan has been practicing yoga for 11 years. Yoga and meditation was instrumental in his recovery from losing his wife tragically to mental illness and prescription drug addiction. Having gone from darkness to light, Dan has a strong passion and is on a mission to help others suffering with the proven techniques that helped him.

Matt Parente E-RYT 200, Matt is trained and certified to intuitively guide you on a journey of mind, body, and spirit. Matt is dedicated to being a constant student of life in the pursuit of being happy and healthy. To achieve the goal of a happy healthy life, it’s all about balance. Balancing what works and what does not. Movement, mindfulness, nutrition, stillness, community, each take a special balance unique to the individual. The vision to add value to, and support the ever expanding awareness to parts that are out of balance and then together, create a path to cultivate that continued sense of awareness to restore balance and to sustain it.

Amanda Herbe M.Ed, E-RYT 200 
Addiction & Mental Health Director at Spectrum New Beginnings
Amanda first started practicing yoga in 2000 as a college student. She immediately started noticing the positive effects it had on her work, relationships, mind, body and mood/emotions. With a desire to share her experience and love of yoga with others she applied her collected experience, knowledge and intuition as she began teaching in 2008. The consistent desire to learn more about the ancient traditions of yoga and Ayurveda led her to earn her 200hr Hatha Yoga and Level 1 Yoga Therapy Certifications from Red Lotus Apsara Yoga School in 2014.

Over the last 11 years, Amanda has completed thousands of teaching hours in various locations and with diverse populations. Her life experiences of grief, depression, addiction, and anxiety keep her rooted to these ancient healing practices. She has completed additional training hours in Meditation, Mindful Yoga Therapy, Embodiment Yoga, Yoga for Trauma, Addiction Recovery. She is currently expanding her study in Addiction Recovery, Ayurveda and Pranayama.

The desire to travel runs deep within her, she enjoys traveling both in the US and abroad. Amanda has traveled to India, Costa Rica, and Greece where she has studied Ayurveda, health and longevity, herbal medicine, community and culture.

Amanda brings honesty, humility and humor to her yoga classes. She enjoys connecting with others and creating a safe space to explore the unique mind, body and spirit connection in each of us.
Casey Monninghoff E-RYT 200, Recently graduating from college, Casey is one of our younger teachers. He has a sharp focus on modern yoga, overall holistic wellness and the importance of local trade. Along with yoga, Casey is an expert in local natural food and has a side business offering fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir and yogurt. Casey studied at Dayton’s largest yoga studio, Day Yoga. Casey’s holistic outlook, curiosity and passion for the creation of a brighter future for all drew him to yoga 5 years ago. Casey is incredibly centered and wise beyond his years.
Tonya Baise E-RYT 200, Tonya has been practicing yoga for 13 years. She studied and received her teaching certification from Indigo Yoga in Beavercreek. Yoga has helped her through childhood trauma and divorce while raising her children. Tonya traveled to India which further strengthened her resolve and spirituality. Yoga and meditation has taken her from depression, to joy. Yoga healed her childhood trauma, making her less anxious, more grounded and eliminated the need for prescription drugs. Yoga helped her find peace and universal oneness. One pose at a time. One breath at a time.

Bryson Newelllead teacher trainer & instructor, E-RYT 500 & Somatic Yoga Practitioner. Bryson has been a student of yoga since 1995. After having practiced for more than a decade he was compelled to travel to Asia, enabling him to study yoga in the Tibetan monasteries. In 2009 he began his travels to India motivated to learn the profound mindfulness techniques of the Tibetan yogis. He continues to return to the monasteries in both India and Nepal, seeking the guidance of the yogis and lamas to refine his practices.

Jen Wright Serves Those Who Serve, Jen Wright is a founding partner at REAL Human Performance and specializes in stress management, mental performance optimization and resiliency training. Jen spent over a decade facilitating human performance optimization strategies at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Defense Sciences Office and later the Air Force Research Laboratory, Human Performance Wing prior to directing local programs and clinical research of chronic stress and resiliency skills. realhumanperformance.com.

Megan Lees, studio owner and instructor, E-RYT 200. Megan has been practicing Yoga since 2008, and completed her 200 hour Teacher Training Program at Leelaa Yoga (Springboro) in 2012. Megan’s practice has continued to evolve, and will continue to do so, as she hopes to continue learning and changing, as life is constantly fluctuating. Even though Megan’s practice and teaching style constantly ebbs and flows, you can expect to focus on movement, the breath and mindfulness in each of her classes.

Chelsea Wildman “The Winking Mermaid” has always had a playful creative passion for dance and music,so yoga was a natural fit for her. After taking just a few classes she wanted to share with others the wellness benefits she experienced. Chelsea began teaching in 2011 after becoming certified in 200hr RYS Prana flow. Two years later she began an independent yoga study in New York. She took classes from acclaimed instructors with a variety of teaching styles and was additionally certified in Prema Vinyassa Therapeutic Yoga. She believes that we all need to mutually nurture, love and respect ourselves and others. Her mantra “Life. Live it. Love it”

Claire Good, Claire completed her 500 hour Yoga and Meditation teacher training with Karina Mirsky and is certified RYT500 through Yoga Alliance. Claire discovered Yoga during high school, practicing the postures at home to compliment her ballet training. ​As a teacher, Claire shares her passion for Yoga, teaching Hatha Yoga classes and workshops, influenced by the Para Yoga and Sri Vidya traditions. Integrating the ancient Yoga science and teachings, Claire offers practices that connect and balance the body, breath and mind. All practices include Pranayama (breath work) and Meditation.

Jen Wishnok, Jen found her passion for yoga after an athletic overuse injury in 2006. At the urging of a friend she reluctantly tried yoga. The healing benefits started immediately both physically and mentally. JEN learned the history, philosophy and practices of Hatha Yoga. In 2014 acquired her 200RYT certification and met her most influential teacher Bryson Newell. Since that time Jen has taught and been a devoted student studying the history and philosophy of the meditation and somatic mind body approaches Hatha, Ashtanga yoga and Tibet Buddhism. Jen is so thankful for the guidance and inspiration of her many teachers and students. Jen is a forever student of the practices with a passion to share them in a playful explorative playful manner.

Erica Collins, CHT, CRMT. Erica Collins is an E RYT 500 RYT Certified Yoga Instructor, IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, Childlight Yoga Certified Instructor and Reiki Master Teacher. She is a retired Dancer and has taught dance to children through adults for over 30 years! She began teaching Yoga to kids ages 3 thru high school over 20 years ago, enjoys also teaching her adult yogis and feels yoga is most needed now where children, teens and adults are living such busy, often stressful lives. Yoga helps bring us better focus, confidence, inner as well as outer growth for mental and physical health. Erica is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 20 years and specializes in drug addiction, PTSD, Trauma, and Hypnotherapy for Kids overcoming issues such as bedwetting, nightmares and test anxiety.

Elizabeth Fryer. With an MA in Professional Writing & Editing from the University of Cincinnati, Elizabeth helps SNB write proposals for grant applications and lends her discriminating eye to website development and image creation.  In 2015, 10 years after beginning her practice with Ashtanga yoga, she earned her 200-hour YTT in YogaStream, a movement-oriented, core-based, sustainable methodology. Early in 2018 Elizabeth used yoga to address her own chronic back pain and now offers a 4-week series—Spinal Health Yoga—at studios across southwest Ohio. Elizabeth believes that a variety of movement incorporated into each day is the key to sustaining optimal health as we age. Besides yoga, Elizabeth’s weeks usually include hiking, Pilates, walking—with bursts of running, dance, aerobics, and hula hooping.  She teaches yoga once a week for the YMCA of Greater Dayton.

Lisa Otto. Lisa has worked with children her entire life. Starting at age 14, she started teaching dance classes and swimming lessons and has never wanted to do anything else. Lisa has a bachelors degree in psychology, and a Masters degree in clinical counseling. She holds a professional clinical counseling license (LPCC) and a school counseling license. Before obtaining her Masters, Lisa worked as a case worker for people who were diagnosed with a severe mental illness (eg schizophrenia). She has been in the school system for 20 years, mostly working with children who have emotional disturbances. Currently, she is in Mad River Local Schools working as a school therapist. For the past 8 years, she has focused her treatment around mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Lisa says, “I have seen a tremendous change in so many children, especially those with trauma or sensory integration and processing difficulties. Kids get it. We just need to deliver it to them.”

Jamie Klements E-RYT 200. Jamie studies at Method Yoga in Springboro. She never dreamed she would be a yoga teacher, but yoga and meditation came into her life when she needed it and has helped her heal during a traumatic relationship and divorce. She wants to be able to pass the healing she has experienced on to others, specifically women in bad relationships. Jamie practices as a holistic veterinarian and owns a farm. She is interested in developing programs to incorporate animals in the practice of yoga and healing because her animals and working on horses every day also dramatically helped with her healing.